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Hey guys, sorry I’m so inactive lately but my life has been super busy this year, and I’ve had some really rough times unfortunately.
But all is still well and good; in fact time’s been going by so fast that it’s already my 18th birthday today, how crazy!

Even though I never seem to find the time to get on here, I wanted to let you guys know that I still love you to bits! Thanks so much for all your support and kindness, I know I’ve made some friends on here I’ll never forget, you crossers are seriously the greatest. xxo



TW: Rape, sexual harassment, abuse

If you’re involved with the Animal Crossing community on facebook at all, stay clear of WIlliam Zulu Barnes.

Do not talk to him, do not add him, and maybe stay clear of groups that he’s in (he’s in a LOT). He has messaged several underaged girls explicit messages and pictures of his genitalia, and quickly escalates to threatening messages when they ask him to stop. Do not allow a predator to be a part of your AC communities.

This is very important. There is also another male in his 20s harassing younger females on Instagram and befriending them to later reveal himself in this same manner. If you happen to come across these predators, men. Report, report, report!!! No need for men to ruin this Nintendo community the way they have are doing.

Also reblog to inform others.


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The acnl guide interioir


save the whales



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What do you mean I can’t force my villagers to be a gang